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Satellite Name: GSAT 19 (GSAT-19E)
Status: moving
Position: 0° E (47.75° E)
NORAD: 42747
Cospar number: 2017-031A
Operator: Indian National Satellite (INSAT)
Launch date: 5-Jun-2017
Launch site: Satish Dhawan Space Centre (Sriharikota)
Launch vehicle: GSLV Mk.III
Launch mass (kg): 3200
Dry mass (kg):  
Manufacturer: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
Model (bus): I-6K (modular) Bus
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 15+ yrs.
Call sign:  
Beacon(s): 4186.848, 4190.976
Ka and Ku band payload along with a Geostationary Radiation Spectrometer (GRASP) payload to monitor and study the nature of the charged particles and influence of space radiation on spacecraft and electronic components
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